Plant A Coral Snorkeling Tour

Plant A Coral Snorkeling Tour

The first step to coral education is opened to everyone. The excursion takes place in a shallow area where you can swim and snorkel water depth (Max 1,2 m or 4 feet). This activity is open to anyone who has a strong desire to learn about coral, and make a positive impact to help coral reefs.

Learn About Corals

The first part of the tour consists of a video and live demonstration program to learn about coral biology and coral reef ecology.

Coral Farm Tour

After learning how to use the equipment, and a quick video description of the farm, and its operation, you will tour the farm accompanied by our specially trained staff.

Plant Corals

Then comes the part to collect some coral frags, apply your new coral knowledge and then use the corals you have fragmented to seed new artificial reefs that are used to restore reefs.

Snorkel Our Artificial Reefs

You’ll have then the opportunity to snorkel our artificial coral garden, see the different growth stages of our corals, and see the final results. You’ll also learn about coral associated organism.