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Ocean Gardener is an NGO based in Bali Indonesia dedicated to coral reef education and coral reef restoration. Since 2016 we’ve planted over 80,000 coral fragments and counting back to the reef. 

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Ocean Gardener is an NGO founded in 2016, and dedicated to CORAL reef education. It has been funded over the desire to use our 20 years of experience in Coral Farming, in INDONESIA, and to use these coral farms for EDUCATION and REEF RESTORATION purposes. At the end of the last century, we created the first commercial coral mariculture farms in Indonesia, to give coastal communities an additional living out of their own reefs, and relieve the pressure on their reef while improving their reef condition.

We are a team of marine biologists, professional divers, coral farmers, conservationists, students, etc, dedicated to educating as many people, from the widest origins possible about coral and the reef they survive upon. We believe that without proper coral education, REEFS can’t be properly protected.

Mr Manumudhita

Mr. Manumudhita

Vincent Chalias1

Vincent Chalias​

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I Putu Irpan Aditanaya


Nicole Helgason ​

Indah Kusuma Wardhani

Indah Kusuma Wardhani



Following the 1997-1998 economic crisis, and the considerable loss of income of most people in Indonesia and their coastal communities. Coming with a marine aquaculture background, Vincent Chalias saw in the wild live coral collection for aquarium an opportunity to transform this industry into a farm-based one and give the coastal community another form of income. He came up with the idea to mariculture these corals, so they no longer need to be taken from the reef. And we could also use these produced corals to replant and restore the damaged reefs.

He found in Mr Manumudhita a great partner and inspiration. Mr Manumudhita, after working many years as the director of the fisheries department. He retired and became the head of the Bali Fishermen Associations, defending the livelihood of fishermen all over the country. The first trial was made in Nusa Dua in 2000 and many nurseries were installed in all corners of Indonesia, growing almost any possible coral species. 

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In 2018, Yayasan Kebun Laut was created, a non-profit dedicated to education and coral reef restoration. The first line of work was education. We created educative material for different communities. Nurseries were started in Candidasa, Sanur, Lipah, Ped, and Bangka. and different reef restoration projects were started.

With a consequent knowledge background of over 25 years in commercial coral farming, the projects quickly showed good results, and the list of installed nurseries, projects, and trained people to maintain and garden their reef keeps on growing.