Micro-Fragmentation in Situ. A first by Ocean Gardener

Since we started planting corals over 20 years ago, and since our background is marine aquaculture, we always worked hard to imagine easy solution to mass produce corals. What is Micro-Fragmentation? The Micro-Fragmentation technique consists of breaking the corals into smaller pieces of 1 to 5 polyps, using a specialised band-saw. This stimulates the coral […]

Amed Nursery is pumping and restoration is well started!

Our Amed project has been working really well for the last few month. The nursery installed in June 2019, started producing fragments that were transplanted on the reef, for the last 5 months already. We now have 9 racks, in the nursery. 4 of them are already producing frags, from 6 different species: Acropora yongei […]