Coral Restoration Internship

Join us for a four-week immersive internship course in three locations around Bali, Indonesia. Learn coral identification, and coral gardening, all about reef restoration, and how to build and maintain coral nurseries. 

About Us

Ocean Gardener is an NGO founded in 2016, and dedicated to coral reef education. It has been funded over the desire to use our over 25 years of experience in Coral Farming, in Indonesia, to use these coral farms for education purposes. 

Internship Modules

We will cover five modules throughout the course.

1. Coral ID
Intro and Advanced coral diver course

Introduction to coral, learn the basics of coral biology, and how to identify 12 hard and 6 soft coral species. This way you can start putting names on the reefs you visit.

8 Shore Dives


2. Coraling

Learn about coral gardening: 'Coraling', planting, nursery installation, micro fragmentation, reef maintenance, parasite and disease control

8 Shore Dives


3. Reef Restoration

Learn the different reef restoration techniques: resistance/resilience, un-direct planting, substrate stabilization.

5 Shore Dives
2 Free Shore Dives

2 Boat Dives

Nusa Penida

4. Rapid Reef Assessment and Monitoring

Learn different techniques to make sure your reef restoration project is successful on the long term.

4 Shore Dives

6 Boat Dives

Nusa Penida

Course Schedule

Coming-up dates:

  • 20th of March to 14th of April 2023
  • 5th to 30th of June 2023


IRp: 9,000,000/week

including all dives and courses.

Why Choose Us

20 Years Experience

Ocean Gardener is a pioneer in coral farming in Indonesia.

Learn to plant corals

Learn the different methods used to restore coral reefs, using different tools, for different species, condition or habitat.

Visit Three Locations

Our course takes places in three different locations, with 3 different ecosystems, species, conditions, techniques... around Bali

Learn to Build Nurseries

This course will prepare your to start your own coral nursery project. and become an Ocean Gardener Instructor.

Student Testimonials

“Ocean Gardener's course activated a deep passion for coral in me - ever since taking their course in 2018 I have been involved in various coral nursery and restoration projects. Both the beginner and advanced courses have been some of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences I've had.”
Andrew Batunai, USA
“As a marine biology and ecology student I had to learn a lot of general theory in university about marine environment and I’ve always deplored the lack of a more down to earth and more useful knowledge. Something that I found within the Ocean Gardener’s course. Throughout the beginner and advanced courses I’ve acquired a deeper and more practical knowledge about marine environment, ecology and restoration techniques, knowledge that is really missing in the usual education you can get in universities. Courses are really made to be accessible at pretty much any level and really arouse your interest in recifal ecosystems. Overall a very pleasant experience with Ocean Gardener in an idyllic setting.” Master Biodiversité, Écologie, Evolution, Université des Science et Technologie du Languedoc, Montpellier, France
Tobbias Missebukpo, France
“The Ocean Gardener Internship was an experience of a lifetime! Being able to learn about corals not just from a scientific perspective but also from a practical perspective was highly effective. Through the Ocean Gardener internship you realise that their coral restoration techniques not only emphasises on the fastest growing techniques but also methods that ensure diversity and longevity for our reefs! More importantly you learn how to introduce these same methods to local communities and get them involved in caring for the reefs too! It is a must for anyone who wants to start their journey in coral restoration work and carry on this much needed endeavour to protect our oceans. .”
Noortasha Devi, Malaysia

Help us save corals reefs.

Ocean Gardner is more that and NGO we are a community of coral lovers around the world working to save corals reefs. Join us today and start developing the skills necessary to restore coral reef habits.

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