Learn About Coral Identification With the Ocean Gardener Coral Diver Course

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Coral Identification Course

If you’re interested to learn more about coral identification of species-rich Indo-Pacific corals you can now take a full three day, five dive Ocean Gardener Coral Diver, coral identification course with a trained Ocean Gardener instructors to become a certified coral diver!

The course is broken down into five dives where you will learn the basics of corals biology, learn Indo-Pacific coral identification based on growth forms, learn the difference between hard and soft corals, and how to identify corals based on large polyp and small polyp size.

How it works is you spend 2-3 days with a certified instructor who will show you informative videos about each topic and then lead you on guided dives and teach you how to identify different corals.

Introduction to Ocean Gardener Coral Diver

Welcome to Ocean Gardener!We've designed this course as a fun and easy way for scuba divers to learn more about coral diversity. The Ocean Gardener Coral Diver Course is a five dive course where you will learn how to recognize coral growth forms, the difference between hard and soft corals and how to identify a few common coral genus. You will also learn about coral reproductions and some threats to corals reefs. At the end of this course, you will even have the chance to visit one of our coral farms and learn to fragment and replant corals.Drop us a message on Facebook if you want to learn more about this course. Or check out Murex Dive Resorts who are now our first partner hotel certified to teach this new and exciting coral diver course!

Posted by Ocean Gardener on Thursday, 1 November 2018

Become a Coral Spotter

The idea behind this coral diver, coral identification course is to enable divers to become coral spotters and see the reef with new eyes! After diving with an Ocean Gardener coral diver instructor for three days it’s incredible how much diversity you can spot in a single dive.

On the last day of the course, students have the opportunity to visit a coral rehabilitation nursery and learn more about coral restoration. Depending on the location you will learn to fragment and plant different species of soft coral and hard corals.

Ocean Gardener Instructors will then take you to see various restoration sites they are working on close to their nursery site. This course trains your brain to become a coral spotter while giving you a strong foundation and knowledge of Indo-Pacific coral identification. Your perception of the underwater landscape quickly expands and diving will never be the same again.

If you’re short on time you can also do a one dive introduction coral identification course which will cover the basics of coral biology, how to identify corals based on growth form, the difference between hard and soft coral, and how to identify corals based on polyp size.

The course is now available around Bali Indonesia and North Sulawesi. Learn More.

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