Project Started:
August 2019

Corals Planted
Nursery Fragments

About Our Project

coral Restoration in Nusa Penida

Islanders from Nusa Penida have a long tradition of seaweed farming, attaching long lines tied between water-resistant wood. Our coral restoration project in Nusa Penida uses the same technique, equipment, and methods to regrow corals.

In partnership with Nunusa Pulau we’ve planted over 14,300 corals in a rope and rack nursery. From these corals over 7,000 coral fragments been transplanted back on the reef in front of the village of Ped on the north coast of Nusa Penida Island.

Coral Planting Technique

A network of long lines are installed inside the lagoon next to the coral nursery in Nusa Penida. The lines are strung between two or more large pieces of wood to grow the coral fragments. This wood is found locally and is special because it doesn’t rot underwater.

Fragments of corals are cut from the nursery and spun into the lines and each 2-meter long line can have 10 fragments. After 4-5 months and once the corals have attached and started growing, the line is moved using lift bags. The lines are transported outside of the sheltered nursery lagoon and transplanted on the reef slope.

Planting Corals Round 2

This restoration method doubles as a cost-effective solution to stabilize rubble fields. As the corals grow the lines get partially buried, offering a good foundation for the coral fragments to grow out and produce larger more stable coral bushes.

Once we start to notice the coral bushes and rubble stabilization we go back for round 2 where we plant more delicate coral species from our rack nursery. These corals are transplanted using cement in between the coral bushes.

Monitoring and Ongoing Work

The first transplantation phase is over and we are waiting for another 4000 corals to be transplanted. 3D Monitoring is currently being implemented on the restoration site to monitor ongoing coral growth and survival.

Our Story

Nuansa Pulau

Nuansa pulau is a local coral lover association, composed of 26 local members dedicated to protecting coral reefs from Nusa Penida. Born on the beach, grown up fishing these beautiful shores, the coral lovers of Nuansa Pulau have seen the decline in fish catch and coral cover. They are trained coral practitioners, used to many different coral culture techniques, and to ocean work.

Our Philosophy

A coral lover association, dedicated to coral preservation in Nusa Penida.

A coral lover association, dedicated to coral preservation in Nusa Penida.

Courses with Nuansa Pulau

Courses We Offer

Half Day Coral Snorkeler Course: 

A Quick Introduction to coral world! An introduction to the fascinating world of corals, After a quick course by the beach, on land, jump in the water in front with a local trained coral specialist. Just by snorkeling along the beach at low tide on the nursery and surrounding restoration site and reefs. Help plant a coral on the restoration site, and enjoy a coconut on the beach!