Coral Diver Course Amed



Ocean Gardener Coral Diver Course

5 Ocean Dives
Ocean Gardener Professional Instruction
Official Ocean Gardener Online Certification
Recognition on
Set of 3 Coral identification slates

Ocean Gardener Coral Diver Certificate (Level 1 Course)

Level 1 course (2/3 Days)
3 Academic Sessions (Video/Classroom)
5 Open water dives

Academic Session 1 – Discover Coral Diving (Part 1-4)
Academic Session 2 – Corals Identification (3 Video SPS,LPS,Soft)
Academic Session 3 – Coral Fragmenting Techniques

Dive 1 – Discover Coral Diving, exploration general reef awareness, identifying growth forms

Dive 2 – 5x SPS Coral Identification
Dive 3 – 5x LPS Coral Identification

Dive 4 – 5x Soft Coral Identification at Batas Kota Natural Reef Side
Dive 5 – Coral fragmentation, and coral farm maintenance Coral fragmenting technique – get to fragment corals underwater and participate with managers to plant on artificial frames.

6 knowledge reviews 1-2 pages each
1 final exam 3 pages.


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