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Ocean Gardener is a non-profit organisation , which has over 20 years experience into farming coral in Indonesia. The idea is to opened this tremendous experience to the whole world and educate as many peoples as possible to restore and protect as many reefs as possible. 

Since 2017, we started many different nurseries and restoration projects all around Indonesia, together with our partners and supporters.

Ocean Gardener is grateful for our many supporters around the world who’s contributions allows us to continue growing our positive impact, restoring more and more corals each day

Reboot our Reefs

We are a collaboration between REUZBL in the US and and Ocean Gardeners in Bali working together to expand Ocean Gardener’s reef restoration and education.

In our nursery and restoration site in Lipah Bay, we already have directly planted over a couple thousand corals. A lot of work has been done to clean the bay of Drupella, Acropora eating snails.

Some of the reef slope spiders, and gardening on the shallow boulders give a tremendous result. Really worth visiting now. Hundreds of divers enjoy our work now. 

We now have 9 racks, in the nursery. 4 of them are already producing frags, from 20 different species. A dozen spiders have been installed and seeded on the slope. Also over a couple thousand corals have been planted among the reef.

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As surfers, we love coral reefs. Not only do coral reefs produce some of the best waves on the planet, they also support a quarter of all ocean life. Boardriders athletes Caroline Marks and Rajo Barrel recently volunteered with SeaTrees and their team of Ocean Gardeners working to restore coral reefs and mangrove forest on the island of Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia. You can support SeaTrees’ efforts to protect these critical ocean ecosystems right now. Whether you want to help restore coral reefs, kelp forests or mangroves, visit Sea-trees.org and plant your first “tree” in the sea today!

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Only One is the digital action platform for people who love the ocean and want to save the planet. We know that the challenges facing the ocean and the planet can feel overwhelming. Rising temperatures and sea levels. Plastic and pollution. Species extinction. The list of crises often seems endless, and it’s easy to feel helpless. But we believe that taking action shouldn’t be confusing or difficult.

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Gaiaone - Bira - South Sulawesi

One of the driving forces behind building Tevana House Reef in Tanjung Bira was very much with the intention to preserve as much as the raw beauty that Tanjung Bira had to offer. Currently our main focus of Gaia One Conservation Project is regarding the Trash in Bira with the Local Community and our Coral Restoration Project with Ocean Gardener.

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Alongside Clothing is a sustainable clothing brand with a commitment to the ocean. 

Proceeds from Alongside are used to maintain coral nurseries and replant corals to the reefs around Amed and Crystal Bay Indonesia. We are not just a simple clothing brand, ALONGSIDE was born with a clear objective, to PROTECT AND CONSERVE THE OCEANS. Our clothes are just the first step, to connect with people and create awareness to make the world a better place.

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Kamma Sail is a family liveaboard passion project developed to share our love of curiosity, quality and tradition. We’ve built the Kamma Sail liveaboard fleet from selected traditional Indonesian phinisi vessels, re-purposed for luxury liveaboard cruises in Komodo National Park (Flores) & Raja Ampat (Papua) in Indonesia.

We offer liveaboard leisure and diver cruise itineraries. Our essence lies in the passion, people and history behind our brand, and finding inspiration and purpose in our guests’ experiences using them.

1% of all liveaboard sales go to Ocean Gardener

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Allcolibri empowers companies to do good for the planet by rewarding their customers or employees with good deeds for the planet such as restoring corals.

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Impact Hero is an ‘Impact-As-A-Service’ platform empowering companies that want to embody the Net Positive approach, with the firm belief that it will become the new standard for doing business.

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Founded in 2016, the McPike-Zima Foundation provides philanthropic support to help organizations meet ambitious goals. They bring a business mindset to funding decisions, evaluating an organization’s potential impact and ability to attain long-term effectiveness. They focus on funding local organizations, which are best positioned to make a difference in their respective communities.

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Our supporters are helping to rebuild coral reefs throughout Indonesia.