Amed Nursery is pumping and restoration is well started!

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Our Amed project has been working really well for the last few month. The nursery installed in June 2019, started producing fragments that were transplanted on the reef, for the last 5 months already.

We now have 9 racks, in the nursery. 4 of them are already producing frags, from 6 different species:

  1. Acropora yongei

    This rack of Acropora yongei has been producing frags for the last 5 months.
  2. Acropora austera

    A rack with different species of Acropora growing on it.
  3. Acropora formosa
  4. Acropora secale
  5. Merulina ampliata
  6. Turbinaria reniformis

    A rack of Turbinaria reniformis, including 2 different strains, from 2 different locations.

The number of species and the quantity of frags will quickly ramp up. We already planted over 100 frags on the reef, using different techniques.

One of the spider that just got seeded with Acropora fragments.

We also planted 5 spiders on the slope, and seeded with frags.

Few new racks with new species of Acropora from our candidasa nursery were also set up.

Newly set up Acropora rack.

A transect line has been set up. And the monitoring will start soon. As soon as the ground 0 monitoring has been done, we will start planting corals along this 25 m transect line, and start long term monitoring it.


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