Our oldest project located in East Bali Indonesia. Shallow SPS coral farm with dozens of Acropora varieties. There, together with local fishermen we slowly restore the shallow lagoon that is easily accessible at low tide. we created artificial reefs 18 years ago. You can see the result by yourself.



Sanur reef need a lot of love. Learn more about soft leather corals and help clean and maintain coral racks. Become a certified Ocean Gardener diver with Rip Curl School of Surf

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The Lipah Bay as been hit seriously by different bleaching event, Drupella snail infestation. Be a part of the Ocean Gardener community in Amed North Bali Indonesia. Together with Calypso Diving Bali, we replant corals out of our nursery on the reef around Amed. A monitoring program is already in place.

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Gili Air

Take a deep dive into coral education while spending your extended vacation on Gili Air. This small island is a popular scuba diving and divemaster location located near Lombok Island, east of Bali. A perfect place to learn the full Ocean Gardener package.



Bangka is a Coral Diver Paradise. In the heart of the coral triangle. A perfect place to learn about coral. Hard coral and Soft coral reefs abound around Bangka Island, North Sulawesi Indonesia, and are a sight to remember. Few reefs have experienced degradation, mainly due to human activity, and we are helping to bounce back.


Nusa Penida

This island in the Lombok Strait, between Bali and Lombok has some of the fastest moving currents in the world. This attracts megafauna like manta rays and mola mola. These currents can also damager the coral reef.

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Learn to identify corals with the Ocean Gardener coral diver course. Learn the basics of coral ID and coral biology in one day, or sign up for the full three day Coral Diver Course and learn the fundamentals of coral ID for 10 types of hard coral and 5 types of soft corals.


Visit a coral farm and learn more about various coral restorations methods and techniques. Learn about coral restorations and assist experts in ongoing restorations projects around Indonesia.


Support Ocean Gardener and
Adopt a Reef. Your money goes towards replanting corals on one of our ongoing projects.

OCEAN GARDNER courses, workshops, and coral restoration projects are happening with these partners.

Ocean Gardener works with dive shops, and resorts around Indonesia to offer our educational courses, and workshops. We work with these partners to build coral nurseries and restore reefs in their area. 

Each partner project is unique, with a range of habitats being restored. We use various species of corals and different nursery and reef restoration methods depending on location and needs of the reef being restored. 

Awesome project!! So stoked to be able to be part of and support Ocean Gardener; please come visit our center at Rip Curl School of Surf - Sanur
We love having Ocean Gardener working with us in Amed to help rebuild the reef, come join us and be a part of the Ocean Gardener community!
Valentina Cressi
Owner of Calypso Diving

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Coming from the first legal commercial farm in Indonesia, we are completely legal, we have all the licenses necessary to engage in this activity. Corals on annex 2 of the CITES convention (Convention on international trade of endangered species), thus their collection, transport, trade are regulated.