Help Us Restore Coral Reefs



Adopt a coral, and receive a digital Ocean Gardener certificate with your name and co-ordinates of the coral. The new coral fragment will be cared for in one of our coral nurseries.


Once your coral is big enough it will be used for a coral restoration project.


Ocean Gardener


Support the work of Ocean Gardener. Your money goes towards restoring coral reef habitats, and maintaining coral reef nurseries.


Learn about coral restorations and assist experts in ongoing restorations projects around Indonesia.


Take one of our coral education courses. Become an Ocean Gardener coral diver, learn how to identify marine species from hard corals to soft corals, clams, anemones, and clownfish.

Help us
save the reef

OCEAN GARDNER courses, workshops, and coral restoration projects are happening with these partners.

Ocean Gardener works with dive shops and resorts around Indonesia to offer our educational courses and workshops. We work with these partners to build coral nurseries and restore reefs in their areas.

Each partner project is unique, with a range of habitats being restored. We use various species of corals and different nursery and reef restoration methods depending on the location and needs of the reef being restored. 

Awesome project!! So stoked to be able to be part of and support Ocean Gardener; please come visit our center at Rip Curl School of Surf - Sanur
Jonni Morisson
Jonni Morrison Head of Rip Curl School of Surf
We love having Ocean Gardener working with us in Amed to help rebuild the reef, come join us and be a part of the Ocean Gardener community!
Valentina Cressi
Owner of Calypso Diving

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