Donate to Ocean Gardener and support our ongoing coral restoration, education and awareness programs in Indonesia. 

There are many ways to help coral reefs, and planting corals is not the only way. We need your help to support our programs so we can continue our monitoring, training, maintenance and coral planting projects around Indonesia.


How your donations are helping



For $50 we will add one coral into a coral rope project. Your donation will also make sure we have some funds to monitor the project for a year and remove any predatory drupella snails.


For $120 we can plant a full coral rope with 10 corals. Each rope is 2m, or 6 feet long. We plant the ropes in groups so they cover a bigger area. We will also make sure to monitor them all year.


For $700 we can plant six coral ropes for a total of 60 corals. Six ropes covers 8 square meters, about 90 square feet. We will plant the same species on each rope but we can try to mix different species in different squares. We grow the coral fragments in a nearby nursery, and we go out every week to monitor the corals. 


For $2000 we can plant twenty coral ropes for a total of 200 corals. This covers 30 square meters, about 325 square feet. The picture above shows the full twenty ropes. This is what we consider a complete reef square. And we will continue planting squares with a two meter wide buffer between each section. 


Plant a coral and receive a digital Ocean Gardener certificate with your name and co-ordinates of the coral. The new coral fragment will be cared for in one of our coral restoration projects across Indonesia. .

Ocean Gardner is a registered charity in Indonesia. Ocean Gardener is an NGO founded in 2016, and dedicated to coral reef education. Yayasan Lautan Kebun Koral,


Adopted coral fragments are first harvested from mother colonies at our shallow coral nurseries.  We select common hardy species based on different project needs. We can access the nurseries snorkeling and by foot so we don’t use a boat or any fuel to collect and maintain corals.

The coral fragments are brought back to the land where we start adding them to natural coral rope. By doing this work on land we can plant large numbers of corals at once and we plant an average of 500-1000 corals per planting session. The kids also love looking for little crabs inside the coral branches.

Ropes are 2m long 6 feet, and have 10 corals. We plant in batches of 200 which cover an area of 30 square meters, or 325 square feet. We use all-natural cotton rope and hardwood that is resistant to rotting in the water. One team works to pound in the wooden stakes other team strings the coral ropes. 


Coral and education is our passion. Our restoration plans are based on 25 years hands on experience working with Indonesian coastal communities. We provide coastal community with knowledge to protect and feed themselves out of their reef.

As the first commercial coral farm in Indonesia, the target has always been to diversify and increase the offer of corals. Thus giving us a tremendous experience in all different coral reef habitat, with all the different genus of corals. 

While other restoration efforts only concentrated in a couple genus. Until now we are still the only farm producing certain types of corals such as soft corals, which a very important components of certain reef habitat, and a key player in reef restoration efforts

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