Help Us Restore Coral Reefs


Coral and education is our passion. Our restoration plans are based on 20 years hands on experience working with Indonesian coastal communities. We provide coastal community with knowledge to protect and feed themselves out of their reef.

As the first commercial coral farm in Indonesia, the target has always been to diversify and increase the offer of corals. Thus giving us a tremendous experience in all different coral reef habitat, with all the different genus of corals. 

While other restoration efforts only concentrated in a couple genus. Until now we are still the only farm producing certain types of corals such as soft corals, which a very important components of certain reef habitat, and a key player in reef restoration efforts.



Adopt a coral, and receive a digital Ocean Gardener certificate with your name and co-ordinates of the coral. The new coral fragment will be cared for in one of our coral nurseries.


Once your coral is big enough it will be used for a coral restoration project.

Adopt a nursery

A nursery rack, seeded with 20 mother colonies, and 100 fragments. The frags are replanted to the reef and new fragments are created and kept on the rack.

Restore a reef

A package of 1 nursery rack, to increase diversity on the restoration site by producing fragments of one more species. And a package of 18 hexadome spiders to restore 50m2 of reef.


Every Polyp Counts

You can help make Make a difference and adopt a coral frag. Every polyp counts! Buy one coral or a few for your friends. Make a larger contribution and adopt more. You can also buy 18 coral fragments which will restore an entire metal hexadome forming a nice little reef of it's own!

From Nursery to Reef

Adopted coral fragments are first harvested from mother colonies and made into new fragments at the coral nursery. The corals are left to grow bigger in the nursery before they are used to plant on the reef.  We select common hardy species based on different project needs.

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